James M. Flammang, author of 30 books (including
six for children), is at work on several more,
including the title described below.

An independent journalist since the 1980s, Flammang
specialized in the automobile business. During
2016, he turned away from cars and into more vital
topics: work/labor, consumer concerns, and especially,
the emerging outrages of the Trump administration. His
website, Tirekicking Today (tirekick.com) has been
online since 1995.

Hotel Life

Living Small in an Era of Large

by James M. Flammang

CONTENTS (tentative)

> Introduction
Chapter 1: The Joy of Check-in
Chapter 2: Benefits and Drawbacks of Hotel Life
SIDEBAR: Residential Hotels: A different world
Chapter 3: One-star to Five-star plus a zero now and then
Chapter 4: Residential vs. Transient Hotels
SIDEBAR: Own Nothing, Owe Nothing
Chapter 5: Rooming Houses
Chapter 6: Images of SROs
Chapter 7: Hotel History
Chapter 8: Motels vs. Hotels-in
Chapter 9: The B&B Experience: practical to posh
Chapter 10: Hostility In the Hostel
Chapter 11: South of the Border: Hotels in Mexico
Chapter 12: Europe and Asia
Chapter 13: All Around the U.S. and Canada
Chapter 14: Are Homes Necessary?
SIDEBAR: Prioritize!
Chapter 15: Traveling Light, and living lighter
Chapter 16: On Your Own, at your own speed
Chapter 17: Behind the Front Desk
Chapter 18: Cheap Hotels: Going, going, almost gone
Chapter 19: The Airbnb Concept: Low-budget alternatives

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